Matt Forney: Archetype of an Alpha Male

As much as she may deserve it, I don’t recommend uppercutting your girlfriend for a number of reasons. Not only do you run the risk of tainting her beauty with your fists—I personally don’t find Irish sunglasses arousing’ Forney clarifies, in a manner I hadn’t expected, even from an alt-righter. ‘Physical injuries will make it more difficult for her to please you. It’s difficult for a girl to go down on you when she has a broken jaw These are just two quotes beginning an article entitled ‘How to Beat Your Girlfriend or Wife and Get Away with It’.

Yesterday I grazed upon the surface of the extreme element within the ‘alternative right’ highlighting the Jew hatred emanating from its darkest regions and today I will focus on another target of these jackals — women. More specifically I shall look at one man who is depressingly vocal about how he feels about them to the point of ad nauseam. Without further ado lets delve into the insane psyche of self-described “author” and “journalist” Matt Forney.

When he isn’t bellyaching on Twitter about the tech company conspiring to “to disrupt his connection” Forney is active writing stories such as; How to Crush a Girl’s Self-Esteem, The Right to Get Laid and FilipinoCupid: The Easiest Way to Bang Filipinas. Now you may be thinking that this guy is just another PUA/sex tourist, but I can assure you that Mr. Forney takes the extremities of Roosh V and increases them tenfold. In the article I listed in the beginning he gives us five main reasons advocating beating your wife or girlfriend, something that anyone who has been around domestic abuse would find abhorrent.


All of this reeks of somebody who is overtly insecure and has a thoroughly warped view on gender roles and what a traditional, patriarchal marriage is. In his mangled understanding of evolutionary psychology Forney believes that a woman’s sole purpose on this earth is to serve men. The concept of polarity between masculine and feminine energy is ignored in favour of something far more, well misogynistic.

I am no feminist but I know people who have been affected by abuse like this and no, they weren’t furtively longing for it. Lets be clear, I’m not attacking Forney for advocating smacking women on the ass, a whole lot of them like that but Matt isn’t limiting the beatings to the bedroom. He has taken this ‘alpha’ behaviour and morphed it into something obscene. In a failed attempt at damage control Matt penned a new article named Five Reasons Why You Should Not Beat Your Girlfriend or Wife which contained another formulaic five points. None of the things listed included why it would be bad to beat your woman from her perspective, or how it would affect her, no Forney goes on to bitch about the impact and problem it would have on the woman-beater’s life including “You can hurt yourself while beating her.

When one tries to make it though one of Forney’s articles you cannot tell if they are outright satire or trolling like his compatriot Roosh. Forney’s claims against women show shallow and monolithic thought patterns that he would undoubtedly reject in the inspection of one of his own interest groups. After an analysis of the mans behaviour, from watching various clips of him it is apparent that Forney has no self awareness at all and I am not alone in coming to this conclusion. It is certain that this man likely believes everything that comes out of his chubby flanks.

Like my post on the alt-right’s anti-semitic problem yesterday we see the fringe creating conspiracies about a block of people, moving on to make baseless claims about them and using pseudo-science and disfigured psychology in order to fuel their extreme and violent ideology. Make no mistake, these cretins who live on the fringes of the alt-right will eventually have their way with the movement. As the alt-right is purely internet based the most extreme people will sway vast numbers from seemingly moderate positions using shaming tactics such as the debilitating ‘cuckservative’ label.

Stefan Molyneux, while referencing Paul Johnson’s slanderous book Intellectuals made the claim that Karl Marx was the creator of a ‘fat mans diet book’ — Essentially stating that you wouldn’t listen to somebody who doesn’t practice what they preach in their own personal life, well I can understand the appeal of Roosh within the PUA community, but why would one ever listen to Matt Forney? What women has he ever successfully picked up? Also look at the state of him, the man wouldn’t know what style or flair was if it burst out of his incredibly tight un-fitted clothes and hit him on the top of his dome. 


Stay away from this ugly charlatan.

To conclude I will leave you with a passage from David Deida’s book Way of the Superior Man, an authentic guide to helping men ‘deal’ with the feminine.

A good woman is a source of inspiration and attraction into the world for a man. He must never forget, however, that neither the world nor his woman is the purpose of his existence. His practice is always to feel through women and the world, without suppression or disdain, into their source or very nature. A man’s attraction to women must be converted from attraction to women into attraction through women. He must feel his desire without suppression, and then feel through his desire into the source-energy of desire. He must feel through her beauty, into the very delight of which her beauty is but a ripple and reminder. His whole relation to appearance is epitomized in his relation to women, either as obsession, distraction, or revelation

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